Hello and thanks for your interest!

Are You A Blogger/Reader?

Hey there. Want to ask me a question, or just want to have a chat, just use my contact form below. Or you can message me privately on Twitter if there’s anything I can help with, my DMs are always open.

Are You A Brand?

I know this blog is brand new, but I’ve been blogging for a number of years now and hope to try and build this blog back up as well. In the past I’ve worked with brands such as New Look, Boo Hoo and Jo Malone. I’ve also been a finalist for two different awards for my old personal blog, and my current magazine – The Olive Fox, and featured on the radio and on podcasts. If you’re a numbers person (I’m sorry I don’t have any website stats yet) but you can see my social media stats at the bottom of this page, and I have a combined following of around 25k across multiple platforms.

What I’m Interested In

  • Genuine collaborations.
  • Got a podcast, video idea etc? I’m in!
  • Can I help promote your charity anything that helps others? Yes please!
  • Anything to do with cats or eating food….

What I’m Not Interested In

  • Pushing your random product (I’m sure your power drill is GREAT, but I’m alright ta).
  • Being paid to push your follow links on my pages. Again, I’ll pass (and have a word with yourself would you.)

I look forward to hearing from you!