Simple Ways You Can Support Others

I’m a strong believer in paying it forward, and do my best to work that into my daily life. Not only does it help others, but from a selfish point of view, it makes you feel flipping awesome as well. Here are some small things I try to do to support my fellow creators.

Try To Buy From Small Businesses

This is something I really try to practice. Now I’m not saying go spend all your money, but if you are looking for a new print for your home, or some stationary, or clothes, why not have a look around for someone you know who makes things, or is a creator. I feel so much better when I’ve given money to someone trying to make a living out of something they love.

There are loads I like, but a couple of my favourite small businesses I love for prints and stationary are:


The Treasured

Buy Their Shizzle

Another way you can do this is by checking out their shops, or places like depop. If you’re looking for new jewellery, or an outfit, or books, whatever. You never know, someone you know might be selling just the thing for you! There’s also a new app that I’ve seen called Ko-Fi as well that you can use to fund a cup of coffee for a creative. It’s such a cool idea, I’ve seen a couple on these bloggers sites:

Buy Grace a coffee

Buy Laila a coffee

Share, Share and Share More

However, I’m aware that not everyone has spare cash to spend. But there’s so many things we can still do that don’t cost any money. We live in a digital world with a whole world at our fingertips. It’s so easy for us to hit that RT, or like button, or even a reply. Think about how good it makes you feel when someone says they enjoyed a post you read, or they like your new selfie you posted. It feels AWESOME, so get those sharing fingers going.

Did their tweet make you laugh? RT it!

Are they asking for help with a project? RT it!

Can you tell they’ve put a lot of effort into a blog post? Tell them how much you enjoyed it!

Comment on their blog post if you liked it, encourage them to post this type of post more.

Did they post a FIT selfie? TELL THEM!


Spread The Word

If you’ve found a blog you love, or a shop that’s run by someone that you love, why not spread the word. Take photos of your purchases, and post them on your social media to encourage others to purchase. Or you could leave them a review on their shop. Little things like this can make the biggest difference.

Be A Good Ally

There are so many people who struggle to get their voice heard, or are fighting for an important cause and speaking out about issues. Even if these things don’t directly affect you, try and support these with your own voice as much as you can. Ask questions, find out how to help and be supportive.

Some great blogs to read on important issues are (there are so many more but here’s a few).

Shona Louise




Small Gestures

Just to end on this one, there’s nothing better than a little check in on those people that you champion. Noticed they’re a bit quieter on social media? Seem to be struggling? Drop them a DM and see how they are. Sometimes a genuine ‘How are you?’ can make all the difference.


How else do you spread your love and support?