10 Reasons Why Cats Are Jerks


1) They never let you go to the bathroom in peace

 2) They’re savages


3. They’re bed hoggers

4) They force themselves through gaps, and break things

5) They manipulate you into giving them loads of treats with their beg face

6) They bring animals into the house (mostly dead), but sometimes alive and you have to create a mouse barricade or do an epic rescue


7) They won’t let you do any jobs

8) They will always put their bum directly in your face (especially when you’re trying to sleep)

9) They are lazy freeloaders who lay about all day

10. They never laugh at your jokes


If you haven’t gathered yet, this is sort of a joke (I say sort of because it’s all true..). My cat Gizmo is my absolute baby and he is spoiled ROTTEN. Honestly he has me wrapped around his fingers (or paws?), he even will sit there crying if he comes in wet until someone comes and dries him. I told you he was spoiled. To be honest, I  probably love him more than I love most people, but you know you can’t deny that sometimes cats are just jerks.

Has your pet ever been a jerk? Leave me a comment below!